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What is Transformative Thinking?

Transformative Thinking is inclusive thinking: Using not just our minds, but our bodies, our hearts, and our spirit or higher selves. Inclusive of what we perceive as our "negative" selves, shadow selves, self-critical selves as much as our positive, happy, and constructive selves.

Transformative Thinking is a synthesis of several schools of thought, combining wisdom from various spiritual traditions, modern psychology, interpersonal communication, mediation and negotiation with the intention of creating peace, harmony and community in the world --- one life at a time.

We value and recognize the following as our natural state: interconnectedness; abundance; creativity --- and the unique talents and gifts of every individual being; the deep desire to give embedded in each of us. These principles guide us towards more harmonious and peaceful relationships with ourselves and each other, and help us engage conflict, when it arises, as a friendly force asking us to become aware of the creative power at the core of our being.